About Us.

Naara Charcoal

naara charcoal has two main lines of charcoal. naara for shisha and naara for BBQ both are registered trademarks and Carefully owned by Haddad Trading Group Pty Ltd, established in in 2018 Melbourne, Australia. We began operation in December2019 by importing our first container of naara for shisha charcoal made from 100% of coconut shells. In our first year and with the all the challenges of COVID19, we managed to import 100 tons and in the following year 150 tons in early 2023 we import 300 tons of charcoal for both shisha and BBQ seeking highest quality of raw material and ensuring along with our partners in Asia that the requirements of environmental criteria and the utmost quality standards are maintained on all our products. With an elite brand, quality product and packaging, we are currently planning to expand our brand internationally with partners/distributors in Europe, GCC and MENA countries.

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