naara for BBQ was first launched in 2023, Briquettes is now Australia’s choice of product for charcoal. Most if not all BBQ chicken businesses and households around Australia are using their Briquettes on their BBQ… naara for BBQ Briquettes are not just suitable for grilling but are also great to use for smoking, and open fires. Our Briquettes are unique due to their high fixed carbon, approximately 90%, lasting up to 5 hours with high heat retention, smokeless and odorless. made from 100% tropical mixed wood sawdust without any chemical additive or binder, making it completely natural and become a hygienic cooking fuel… So, Spark it up and Grill 2 Thrill with naara for BBQ Premium Briquettes.

Our range of BINCHOTAN or White Charcoal as known by many, is made from eucalyptus, litchi, ironwood. Normally each branch 3-12 cm in diameter and up to 50 cm long. Because of its whitish color on its surface, the name “white charcoal” was derived, unlike black charcoal, you do not get dirty hands when handling it. White Charcoal is fixed in carbon content at 93%, without impurities and high hardness. If you strike it, you’ll hear metal clanking sounds. Binchotan charcoal
delivers a unique cooking experience. Highly favored by Korean and Japanese cooking, with extremely high levels of pure carbon and minimal impurities, it will burn with extraordinarily pure heat, providing you with a grilling experience of “Grill 2 Thrill”

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